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About Dean

Dean is the artisan is responsible for hand-crafting the leather accesories at DA Leather. He comes from a long line of story tellers; some of those stories are even true. His appreciation for leather starts before he was born, actually even before the western frontier was divided into individual states. It was the story of his families’ westward journey, rolling across the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains with horses harnessed with leather that stuck with Dean. The pioneering cowboy spirit was passed down to Dean—as well as the leather harnesses.

At the age of 12, it was a Boy Scout Leathermaking Merit Badge and the desire to make the finest rifle sling ever seen that started Dean’s hand-crafted leather ambitions. Dean earned his merit badge, and succeeded in making the finest rifle sling ever seen—two years later he would save enough money to buy his own rifle. Dean knew that once he attached that leather rifle sling to the rifle, it would instantly make that rifle unique and truly his own. To this day Dean has the same rifle improved by his hand-made leather rifle sling.