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1. How do I measure for a belt?

 PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE OVERALL BELT LENGTH; THIS IS NOT YOUR BELT SIZE, and The sizes written on belts, have proven to not always be accurate!

There are two methods to determine your belt size. Be sure to measure correctly to ensure satisfaction.   BELTS ARE NOT RETURNABLE BECAUSE OF INCORRECT CUSTOMER MEASUREMENT.

Method 1: The Best Way is to measure a belt you have been wearing from the point where the leather folds to fasten the buckle, to the hole currently used. See illustration below.


Method 2: The belt size is usually your pant waist size plus 2 inches. For example a 36" waist requires a 38" belt.

To verify – while wearing the pants, place a cloth measure tape THROUGH (NOT around or over) the pant belt loops to get an accurate reading. Where the cloth tape crosses should be your belt size. Pull it as tight as you are going to wear it.


2. Which belt do we recommend?

The standards are as follows. Buckles are made for these widths of belts.

For children, 1 inch wide belt for lengths up to 26 inches long.

For youth, 1¼ inch wide belt for lengths up to 30 inches long.

For adults, 1½ inch wide belt for lengths above 30 inches.


3. Return Policies.

Click the following link to read our Return Policies


4. Do you make your own buckles?

We are leathersmiths, not metallurgists and do not make any of the hardware. We buy buckles, conchos and fasteners from reputable distributors with an emphasis on style, quality, and affordable pricing. We look for, and whenever possible, purchase American
made products.


5. When do you charge my credit card?

For items in stock (without customizing with name, initials, etc) your credit card will be charged when the order is shipped (typically in 3-4 business days). Custom orders (requesting name, initials, custom sewing, etc) will be charged at the time of the order.


6. When will my order ship? 

Items in stock (without customizing with name, initials, etc) are shipped typically in 3-4 business days. 

Custom orders (requesting name, initials, custom sewing, etc) can vary. Many itemscan be made in 7-10 days, while more complex items can 2-3 weeks. For custom orders we will email you with an estimated date of shipping.


7. How do you ship? 

We use U.S.P.S. priority shipping. We will ship UPS, Fed Ex, etc. at your request. Any additional charges for alternate shipping methods will be charged to your credit card.


8. Is it all handmade?

All of our leatherwork is 100% done by our hands. We start with a hide of leather cutting each piece of the belts, wallets, and etc. out by hand. We personally tool, dye, sew, lace, etc the leather.


9.Where can I check my online order status? 

If you created an account online, log in and click on order status on the top right of the screen. When you are finished, don’t forget to log out.

When you get your order confirmation email, click on the link within the email.


10.Why don't you expand to have faster production times?

DA Leather feels we make a quality product. It would be impossible to make this quality with mass production. We make all our products in everything from basic to custom quality for your every want and need. If you want the highest level of leather craftsmanship, it takes a little time. We put maximum effort and care into all our work.


11.Does DA Leather do custom work?

Yes. Give us a call or send an email with your project  request. We will respond with a price quote via email. All our products are hand-crafted by us, and we pride ourselves on high quality leather work. Some projects are easier to make than others; therefore, delivery times are affected by our hand-crafting methods and attention to detail and finishing the final product. The methods we use to create leather belts, leather wallets, leather holsters, etc. cannot be done with mass production and are labor intensive but worth the wait for a quality product.

 DA Leather does not work on saddles or upholstery projects.


12.What type of leather do we use?

At DA Leather we use the finest quality of hand selected leathers from the United States and around the world.

Our vegetable tanned leather comes from Hermann Oak Leather in St. Louis, Missouri. They are known to provide some of the best leather available on the market. We inspect every hide to ensure the highest quality leather will be used on each piece we hand craft. Hermann Oak Leather’s vegetable tanned leather is known for its excellent tooling qualities taking the boldest designs as well as the finest details.

Specialty leathers come from tanneries around the world such as Argentina, Brazil and Italy. Specialty leathers are used in projects such as garments, purses, some pet collars, luggage tags and wallets.


13. How long have you been in business?

DA Leather began as a business in 2010. Before that we have been crafting leather for nearly 40 years. See the DA Leather History page or for the complete version read Dean's Story.


14. Why did I not get an email confirmation or the follow up email status?

AOL, Earthlink, Hotmail and a few other email domains may block our emails or label it as spam/junk. Check your spam/junk folder for the email notification. If you still can’t find it, contact us via email (info@daleather.com)


15.The status pages say’s my order has shipped, where is it? 

Your order may just have shipped or is ready to be picked up for shipping. Please be patient. We ship through the post office and sometimes their system takes time to update the status. We provide the USPS tracking number in the status page on the web site.


16.Why are the colors different than they were on the website?

 Colors other than black may be different than shown on the website. Different hides, even different parts of the same hide can dye differently after tooling and forming. Vegetable tanned “Veg-tan” leather will change color over time; veg-tan leather will tan and darken when exposed to the sun and elements. Colors are subjective and we do not remake projects based on "it looked different on the internet, magazine, etc." Matching a color on a previous project can be time consuming, difficult and expensive.


17. Where is your store located?

 At this time we do not have a retail location. We sell via the internet and fairs/festivals in the Pacific Northwest. Byappointment only, we welcome customers to our location to discuss and/or design custom orders.


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